Limelight Checkout

A totally customizable checkout form that can be dropped anywhere, on any page. Supports custom confirmation pages, coupon codes, and add-on items!

Drag and Drop Form Builder

The intuitive form builder lets you select the exact information you need to collect from your customers.

Multi-step forms, add-ons, and coupons can all be easily managed using the Limelight Checkout plugin. 

Handles Various Purchasing Options

Whether you need to create subscriptions, create and manage licenses, or add one-click upsells, the Limelight Checkout plugin makes it super easy to do. 

Works with Major Payment Processors

Integrates with, Stripe, and PayPal!


Simple, Fully Customizable
Checkout Forms
$ 97
  • Put Custom Checkout Forms on Any Page
  • Coupon Codes, One-Click Upsells, Recurring Payments, and More!
  • Unlimited Tech Support


The Limelight Theme and
All Limelight Plugins
$ 225
  • Limelight Theme
  • All Limelight Plugins
  • Unlimited Tech Support
Best Value