Limelight Quizzes

Pre-qualify leads and prospects by having them take a custom quiz designed to find your ideal customers.

Completely Customized Quizzes and Surveys

Ask your prospects, leads, and customers a series of questions in order to better understand them. 

Then take that information and design better products, services, and marketing using your newfound insights. 

Know Your Audience Better

Quickly and easily set up a series of short answer and multiple choice questions to pick the brains of your audience and gain new insights.

Get Feedback on Your Initiatives

Trying out some new sales copy? Survey your prospects to see where you can do better.

Have a new product? Get quick insights into what makes it great and what needs to be improved. 


Surveys, Quizzes, Tests, and More
$ 65
  • Create Custom Surveys and Quizzes
  • Set Pass / Fail Conditions to Separate the Chaff from the Wheat
  • Unlimited Tech Support


The Limelight Theme and
All Limelight Plugins
$ 225
  • Limelight Theme
  • All Limelight Plugins
  • Unlimited Tech Support
Best Value